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We offer 7 different flavors of curds, all unique in their own way....

Original Curds- Creamy cheddar curd, great for everything!  Use them to stuff burgers, deep fry, or top off your favorite pizza!  They also make a great snack for kids!

Buffalo Ranch Curds- A kickin' curd! This wonderfully spicy, creamy curd will keep you coming back for more! Starts off with a mild ranch flavor and ends with buffalo wing punch. Perfect for Game Day!

Garlic Dilly Curds- A complementing blend of garlic, dill, and fresh curd! A customer favorite and weekly sell-out! Torn on which flavor to buy? Garlic Dilly is the one for you!

Queso de Taco Curds- A great curd to spice up your favorite dishes. Use them to top off your your favorite tacos or make some Queso de Taco nachos for game night!  Check out our recipes page for one of our favorite recipes, Taco Mac n' Cheese.


Crabby Curds- more then a hint of Old Bay, we love these curds to snack on or add some flavor to our favorite seafood dishes!


Italian Curds-  a great way to change up your favorite pasta dishes or your favorite pizza.  Also great in grilled cheese for the kids!

Maple Curds (seasonal)- made with pure Pennsylvania maple syrup, a sweet and smooth flavor, these curds make a great snack! Watch our facebook page and website for availability, get them while the last!


Farmhouse Feta- Always a big hit! A naturally low fat cheese and a great source of protein.  Delicious and Creamy; our feta is great on salads and steaks, in omelets and sauces, or simply as a snack!


Farmhouse Cheddar- Aged 3 whole years, our creamy cheddar only gets better with time.  Pair it with your favorite wine and crackers, a perfect addition to any gathering

Bacon Cheddar- who doesn't love bacon? Our mild cheddar infused with bacon, makes a perfect snack!

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