Crazy Cajun

An awesome curd with amazing flavor and very mild on the heat scale! We use a high quality Louisiana cajun seasoning for this curd, resulting in a superior flavor

Pickled Jalapeno

Our newest curd.............

Shedd Ranch

A kid favorite! We use only Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning, so you can expect that great tasting ranch flavor you know and love!

Buffalo Ranch

A kickin' curd!  This wonderfully spicy, creamy curd will have you coming back for more!  This curd starts off with a cool ranch flavor and ends with a buffalo wing punch.  The perfect curd for game day!

A naturally low-fat cheese and a great source of protein! Delicious and creamy - eat as a snack, top salads, omelets or melt into sauces for cooking. Comes in ½ pound package, crumbled or block, unless otherwise requested

Garlic Dill

A complementing blend of garlic, dill and fresh curd flavor.  This curd is another customer favorite and weekly sell out!  If you're torn on which flavor to try?....Garlic Dill is for you!


Farmhouse Cheddar

​Patiently aged for 7 months, this cheese has some complexity and uniqueness to its flavor.

Original Cheddar

One of our best sellers, our original cheddar curds are great for topping burgers, pizza's or making deep fried cheese curds!

Fireside Cheddar 

​A smooth creamy cheddar with a kick!  Blended with crushed red peppers

Garden Harvest Cheddar

​An amazing blend of roasted garlic and red bell peppers, this delicious mild cheddar goes great on salads, burgers, or a great snack with crackers

Cheddar Ale

​Our Beer Cheese!! A cheddar style cheese with a Hoppe finish.  A unique cheese that you're not likely to find duplicated.  A must try for beer lovers!


Curds are a snack cheese and are a fresh cheddar. They are also great topped on or stuffed in burgers, deep-fat fried, melted on fries, and in mac and cheese, etc. Get creative!
All curds come in a ½ pound package unless otherwise requested


Package size varies, but based around ½ pound package unless otherwise requested